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A consultation with our law offices is an essential opportunity for us to provide you with an analysis of your legal problems, needs and goals. The initial consultation provides us the necessary information to analyze all options, including the timing and cost for achieving the results you desire. Consultations are provided by email, by telephone as well as in-person at any of our offices. Clients are encouraged to complete the QUESTIONNAIRE, fax or email the same to our office. The client should indicate desired mode of consultation, that is, email response, telephone or in-person. If an email consultation is desire, the client should provide email address for our response to client’s questions. If a telephone consultation is desired, the client should schedule a time and telephone number for our attorneys to call.

For General Consultations, Click Here.Consultation Fees:

To cover the cost of the time involved in providing a detailed analysis of a case, our office assesses a fee for consultations. The consultation fee is credited towards the service charge for a case if the firm is retained within 30 days of the consultation. Generally, consultation fees vary by attorney and the nature of the consultation. The fee for a standard consultation is $100.00. In addition to cash, our firm accepts money order and credit cards.

Occasionally, the problems presented during a consultation may require additional time to fully evaluate the case. This may include the need for research, letters or telephone calls to investigate and further evaluate a case. Under these unusual circumstances, a fee above the standard consultation fee is required. Written evaluations may also be requested after the initial consultation meeting and are billed at a flat rate. A fee for each available legal option, based on the facts presented, will be quoted during the consultation or shortly thereafter.

If you wish to pay the initial $100.00 consultation fee online via credit card –

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Legal Fees:

Our firm’s value oriented fee philosophy provides our clients with a responsive and effective legal team dedicated to results. Except in unusual cases, our firm bills on a flat fee, rather than on an hourly basis. Fees in each case reflect the individual facts presented during the consultation, the urgency of the client’s problem, and the anticipated time and skill required to achieve the client’s objectives. Only attorneys can quote a fee for a given case and only after a thorough assessment of the facts presented. Changes in the material facts of a case may change the fee quoted.

For our existing Clients, please see below for some convenient online payment options.

$1000.00, Payment for Legal Services:  

$2500.00, Payment for Legal Services:  

$5000.00, Payment for Legal Services:  

*Online payments are processed through PayPal merchant services. It is safe and secure.

Corporate Clients:

Our firm also provides a variety of employment-based immigration services to corporations, academic institutions, medical centers and other employers on an on-going, high volume basis. In these relationships, our firm’s approach reflects our philosophy of establishing a relationship with the client designed to optimally meet the client’s particular needs for a wide range of immigration related services on a long-term basis.

Generally, we handle corporate and other institutional assignments on a flat fee rather than an hourly basis, often using pre-negotiated pricing structures. The contours of these fee arrangements depend foremost on the nature and scope of the services required. Our firm is happy to provide comprehensive proposals for immigration services to corporations and other institutions.

How To Get Started:

We thank you very much for your interest in consulting with the Law Offices of Ogolo & Associates, P.C. To schedule a consultation, please complete the following steps:

  • Review our consultation policy and fees.
  • Contact any one of our offices/attorneys by phone or email to schedule a mutually convenient time for a consultation.
  • Please indicate your preferred mode of consultation, phone, email or in-person.
  • Complete our questionnaire or online inquiry form, if you are paying your consultation fee by credit card, please pay online above.
  • Send questionnaire or inquiry by fax, mail or e-mail. For our contact information, Click Here.
  • Gather all related documents, and have them handy or bring them to the office with you.

If you are visiting our Washington, D.C. office, please note that parking is generally hard to find and you should plan accordingly.